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The SAGE Handbook of Diplomacy

Costas M. Constantinou – University of Cyprus, Cyprus
Pauline Kerr – Australian National University, Australia
Paul Sharp – University of Minnesota, Duluth, USA


The SAGE Handbook of Diplomacy provides a major thematic overview of Diplomacy and its study that is theoretically and historically informed and in sync with the current and future needs of diplomatic practice .

Original contributions from a brilliant team of global experts are organised into four thematic sections:
•Section One: Diplomatic Concepts & Theories
•Section Two: Diplomatic Institutions
•Section Three: Diplomatic Relations
•Section Four: Types of Diplomatic Engagement



The distinctive feature of this excellent collection is the way in which it combines the conventional, practice-oriented side of Diplomatic Studies with a very high level of theoretical sophistication and a cheerful openness to new approaches to diplomacy. The editors have assembled a stellar cast of authors and produced a book that deservedly will attract a wide readership both in the academy and in ministries of external affairs.

Chris Brown
Emeritus Professor of International Relations, London School of Economics

Comprehensively global in its scope and ambition, this Sage Handbook will have great appeal for both scholars and practitioners. With its 53 chapters ranging in substance from the very traditional (e.g. the meaning of ‘diplomatic relations’) to the very modern (e.g. ‘digital diplomacy’ and ‘celebrity diplomacy’), and in style from the relentlessly abstract (e.g. ‘conceptualizing diplomatic agency’) to the sharply empirical (e.g. ‘improving embassy performance’), it has something for everyone in the international relations business, and deserves a place on all our shelves.

Professor Gareth Evans
Chancellor, Australian National University and former Foreign Minister

At a time when global crises abound, the Sage Handbook of Diplomacy is a major contribution to our understanding of this profession so vital for a future of peace in the world.

Nicholas Burns
Professor Harvard University and former Under Secretary of State


SAGE Publishing: https://uk.sagepub.com/en-gb/eur/the-sage-handbook-of-diplomacy/book242760

AMAZON: https://www.amazon.co.uk/SAGE-Handbook-Diplomacy-Costas-Constantinou/dp/1446298566